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Beer Conference - Crazy fun on WebCarton:

Beer Conference

10.11.2011 - 23:07

The biggest beer producers in the world meet for a conference,
and at the end of the day, the presidents of all the beer
companies decide to have a drink together at a bar.

The president of Budweiser naturally orders a Bud, the president
of Miller orders a Miller, Adolph Coors orders a Coors, and so on
down the list.

Then the bartender asks Arthur Guinness what he wants to drink,
and to everybody's amazement, he orders tea!

"Why don't you order a Guinness?" his colleagues ask suspiciously,
wondering if they've stumbled on an embarrassing secret.

"Naaaah," replies Guinness. "If you guys aren't going to drink beer,
then neither will I."

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